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In all areas of life, Maria and Tessa have the work ethic, focus and determination to rise above challenges to achieve their goals. This approach is nowhere more apparent than in their success as renowned real estate professionals. For over 40 years combined experience, The Corley Team REALTORS® have proven to over 2000 Buyers and Sellers that their goals are within reach. With their wealth of experience and unique insights, they are known for providing a higher level of real estate service.


Superior Market Knowledge

The Corley Team is now well into their third decade as licensed REALTORS® with the Calgary Real Estate Board (licensed since 1991 for Maria and 1999 for Tessa) and in that time have seen the market take dramatic shifts. Every change has resulted in finding new and innovative methods for buying or selling homes and negotiating contracts on behalf of our clients. The Corley Team members are constantly seeking out leading edge methods of technical and informative platforms to serve our buyers better.


Published books and guides to productive and profitable home-selling and buying

Tessa and Maria have collaborated to publish very specific guide books that explain the real estate selling and buying processes to their clients. These books are provided complimentary to their clients only and are invaluable tools for navigating the real estate transaction from start to finish.


World-class real estate website and marketing

The Corley Team is constantly striving to improve their marketing and on-line services to their clients by molding their social media and web presence to meet today's very innovative and changing technical world. That's why we have created one of Calgary's most beautiful, user friendly and informative websites for you to use. Here our listings will be featured for prospective buyers to view at their leisure, easy search tools to view all Calgary listings, free access to all of Calgary's community sales stats, buyer's and seller's information packages, evaluation forms, our blog, client testimonials and so much more.


Identifying your needs

We listen! By understanding your wants, needs and timeline, we can suggest your best plan of action. You will be delighted in knowing The Corley Team is ready to help you secure the best home at a price and terms that are suitable to you and your budget.


Pre-qualification process

Upon request we can suggest a number of lenders and mortgage brokers who will be suitable to your needs. By obtaining a letter of pre-qualification with a mortgage broker we can ensure together that we are looking for a home that fits well within your financial budget and comfort levels.

Customized homes search to meet your needs

Through the Calgary Real Estaet Board program called Matrix, you will get full access to the full on-line network of homes that fall within your price range and desired "wants", "needs" and "must haves". We will notify you when new listings become available that fit within your parameters.


Organize showings and provide information, stats and details on target markets

You can access and discover homes that may meet your needs through Matrix, as described above, our personal website, or through various other on-line tools, for-sale signs or open houses. Together we will select the right homes for you to view at a time that is convenient for all. When you wish to make changes to your search criteria on Matrix, contact us immediately and we can make the necessary adjustments. If we send you a new listing that you are interested in, a member of our team can show you the home as soon as it comes on the market. We're only a phone call, text or email away!


Home pricing expertise

Our knowledge of home pricing is an asset to our buyers. We are able to comfortably guide our buyers into making sound and secure investment decisions in the real estate market based on current trends, comparative market analysis and sales statistics.


Offers written with the price, terms and conditions you want

Once we find the right home and you make the decision to purchase it, you'll want to move quickly in Calgary's bustling market! With our professional help, the offer is written on your terms, the offer is correct and all conditions you require are included. If you need it, you will be allotted time to consult with banks, home inspectors, condo document specialists, appraisers and family – without pressure. These conditions are written in for your protection, and allow you to move confidently to secure the home you desire.


Top negotiators

Negotiation is the process of communication back and forth in order to reach a joint agreement. Most people list their home expecting to negotiate to some degree. There are various aspects that can affect your ability to negotiate such as the time a home has been on the market and neighbourhood current pricing, all of which The Corley Team can assist you in learning. There is no ‘one size fits all' strategy of negotiating a real estate contract. When you write an offer, you deserve the comfort of knowing that The Corley Team are well known and respected in the Real Estate community. The value of trust in a negotiation cannot be overstated, so knowing you have experienced, formidable negotiators on your side is essential.


Organizing financing (mortgage)

Feeling comfortable with your purchase is a vital part of the home buying experience. Feeling comfortable has a lot to do with securing the right financing, which can save you thousands of dollars. The Corley Team has several mortgage brokers and lenders they can recommend you to work with who have years of experience in finding great mortgages for our clients. Just ask us for our list of recommended professional mortgage brokers./p>


Organizing home inspections

It is important to always make sure you are buying the home that you think you are buying (take off the rose-coloured glasses, so to speak). Hiring the right home inspecting professional can give you huge piece of mind, knowing what physical issues the home you are buying has and may have in the future. This allows you to make the decision how much or little house work you want to take on. A proper inspection will cover all areas of the home, both structurally and mechanically, and give you an objective view of the property. A qualified inspector will provide you with a written report indicating areas of concern that may require further investigation or future repair and replacement. Just ask us for our list of recommended professional home inspectors.


Organizing condo document reviews

If you are buying a condo, the other area where we highly recommend you to hire a professional is to review the condo documents. This is a rather lengthy document package that describes the financial and structural health of the condo, the bylaws, as well as other areas that your condo fees pay for (or do not pay for). This is very important for you to understand, as it can greatly affect how you can use your condo and can prevent you incurring unknown future expenditures that could have been predicted by a professional. Just ask us for our list of recommended professional condo document review agencies.


Wonderful collaborative support

Most people would be very surprised to see the volume of work that goes on behind the scenes in a real estate office. There are literally hundreds of small tasks that must be completed in a timely manner for each and every transaction. With over 2000 home sales' experience and counting, The Corley Team members are brilliant problem solvers, identifying potential issues before they become problems. The systems and procedures they've established in their office ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish. Ask The Corley Team about the "136 MUST-DO Tasks" they perform with every listing throughout the selling process.


Personalized service

Yes, The Corley Team is a team. But you will work one on one with Maria or Tessa from start to finish. Both Maria and Tessa specialize in working with Buyers and Sellers so you'll have the benefit of their expertise throughout the process. Either Maria or Tessa will always be available to assist you with showings, offers or answering questions every step of the way. You will always be treated like you are important to them, since you ARE important to Maria and Tessa!


Productive team approach

The Corley Team strongly believes in the power of team work by utilizing their individual skill sets. Maria and Tessa have unique abilities that complement each other and ensure their approach to real estate maintains an informative, innovative path for all their clients. Like the famous saying, two heads are better than one, Maria and Tessa are communicating with each other every day to help each other help you.


Approachable, caring, reliable, honesty & integrity are traits we have in spades

That's how you can expect to be treated! Maria and Tessa are a mother-daughter team who care about the needs of all their clients. They are friendly, good listeners and compassionate towards your individual set of circumstances. Whether you are dealing with Maria, Tessa or their staff, you can rest assured you will be well taken care of from the start to the completion of your home sale, for the life of your home, and continuing with all the real estate transactions The Corley Team will be doing with you, your family and any referrals you send their way.

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