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We're The Corley Team

The Corley Team is a mother and daughter team who built their real estate careers on warm, wholesome family values and their personable approach dealing with clients. Their success as leading real estate professionals is living proof of their commitment to excellence. Indeed, when buyers and sellers from Calgary expect the best, corleyteam delivers. From their creative marketing strategies, to their use of cutting edge technology and unsurpassed level of professionalism, they provide their clients with all the resources necessary for a successful home sale or purchase. Get To Know Us

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Calgary Communities & Stats

Number Of Listings 4,132

Average List Price $ 808,474

Average Days On Market 49 Days

Average Square Feet 1521 sq ft

Average Price per Square Foot $508/sq ft

Average Number of Bedrooms 2.6 Bedrooms

Average Number of Bathrooms 2.3 Bathrooms

Average Home Age 25.7 Years

Stats based on 4,132 active residential and condo listings in Calgary that are not currently under construction.

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  • Average Days On Market

Our Sellers Services

We have the same goals you do when it comes to selling your home: Your happiness! Tessa and Maria combine years of experience, success, and determiniation to bring you the best seller services available in the Calgary Market.

Our Buyers Services

Whether you're a first time home buyer or you've got a few real estate buying experiences under your belt already, Maria and Tessa will make the home buying experience enjoyable and as stress free as possible.

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  • Wow, truely impressed!

    Maria and Tessa truely went above and beyond what I expected a Realtor to do! They explained everything to me so that it was easy to understand. I would...

    Trish Allan Jun 8, 2012
  • The house I was interested in was listed by Tessa. She works hard!

    Jhaiss H. May 12, 2010
  • Out of Town Buyers

    We met her at an open house. She was very kind and caring. We did not have a realtor at the time and she made us feel comfortable. Maria spent entire...

    Jolene S. May 4, 2010
  • We needed a new Realtor (after not being satisfied with our last one) and were referred to Tessa by a co-worker. She worked out perfectly. It only took ten...

    Jill B. May 12, 2010
  • I chose to work with Maria because a house three doors down was sold by her in 4 days. We had numerous showings, and our home sold in 2 days.

    Joanne C. May 4, 2010

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